Thursday, September 12, 2013

GWCC Update 9-12-2013

Hi All,

We're trying another new system - Constant Contact - and I just sent out the email beta test of it.  It says it will go out within the hour so hopefully, that is going to work without a hitch.

Meanwhile, the pairings are up on the website at under the Current Tournament section.  They are tentative and subject to change - especially since it's week two and not uncommon for folks to late enter the event.

Mike Odell will be leading the study group on a review of a Bishop and Pawn endgame by Lasker.

The other email is longer.  If it bounces, I'll post it here.  (Silly me didn't keep a copy of it before hitting the send button and I'm still a newbie in dealing with Constant Contact, but I'm sure it's there "somewhere".)



Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hi All,

The Upcoming Events tab of the website has the details for this month's (September) events - Open and Under 1700 - 4 rounds.

I expect to start the earlier posting schedule next week.  :)

This weekend much of my time was spent at the New England Open cheering on my students and some of the club players.  Excellent results for many of our club members!

Larry Legros came in second in the Under 1500 section with a score of 4.5 and Don Kirouac tied for third with a 4 point score.  Interestingly enough they played each other in the last round.  Perhaps one of them will be able to send me the game score and I'll find a way to get it up on the website (with my unsolicited comments.  Muahhahahhaha  :))

Congratulations go to Sasha for winning his section and a humongous trophy in one of the scholastics events with a 4-0 score .  Vineeth and Allan scored 3 each and both won stunning medals and applause. Unfortunately for Haley, she was paired against Sasha in the last round and while attempting a checkmate to win the event, she lost her Queen.  This was a gallant effort which I'm sure gave Sasha heart palpitations. I expect that there will be a take no prisoners approach from Haley the next time they face each other.  :)  And a 2.5 score is still a good solid result which Haley can be quite proud of.

Mike Odell will be leading the study group this week with a review of the Vancura position which comes out of a Rook and Pawn endgame.

Hope to see y'all tonight!