Thursday, August 29, 2013

8-29-2013 GWCC Update

Hi all,

Pairings are up on the website at under the current tournament tab.

I realize that those of you who are subscribed to this blog may not get this email in your inbox until Thursday night due to the way the spiders collecting the blog posts work. Hopefully, with a whole lot of luck, I'll be able to get the pairings done by Mondays in the future so that there will be time for the blog update to arrive before Thursday. My fall schedule for chess classes has been sorted out for the most part, so I've put aside time earlier in the week to do this.

Alonzo is currently scheduled for a bye in the upper section, but as always, he will still need to make an appearance. If someone is able to give him a game as a house player, that would be wonderful.

Mike Odell will be leading the study group with a review of an endgame by two top players which was played recently. (I don't think he means me. ;))

The 73rd New England Open is coming up this weekend in Leominster. Details may be found at this link:

I'll print a few copies of the flyer to bring with me to the club on Thursday night. Also, I plan to be at the N.E. Open on Sunday and Monday mornings since five of my students are planning to play in the scholastics events on those days. If you're at the event, please do look for me in one of the skittles rooms - most likely going over games with my students. I'm always willing to go over a game with folks from the club as well. :)

Happy back to school! Okay, well, maybe most kids aren't so happy, but a lot of parents are. ;) 



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